• 4 Tips To Reduce Your Quad Bike Insurance Quote

    Posted on June 24, 2013 by quads in Quad Bike Insurance.

    Quad bikes are increasing in popularity as an extra mode of transport for many households, either as a cheaper alternative to a second car, or as a recreational vehicle. Regardless of the reason behind owning a road-legal quad bike, the fact remains that in order to take it on public roads, it must be insured adequately. Quad bike insurance is required by law, but this does not make it any less painful when you have to part with your well-earned cash; therefore, we have compiled this list to help you minimise your quad insurance quote.

    1. Garage Your Quad

    Unfortunately, over £5m worth of quad bikes are stolen every year in the UK, indicating that they need to be properly protected against thieves. Keeping your quad in a locked garage when it is not being used will minimise the chances of it being stolen; partly because less opportunists will know it is in there, and partly because it will be more difficult for them to access it.

    Making your quad less accessible to thieves reduces the risk to your insurance company of having to pay you damages; your insurance premium will reflect this and will be discounted.

    2. Secure Your Quad Bike

    In a similar way to keeping your quad in a garage reduces risk, so does investing in extra security for the quad itself. This may mean installing a ground anchor or extra chains and locks; ultimately, the more difficult it is to steal, the lower your quad insurance premium will be.

    3. Insure Your Quad Online

    Obtaining a quad insurance quote online is quick and easy; all you need to do is enter all of your details and those of the quad and you will be presented with a quote which then you can accept, pay for and print out your insurance documents there and then. Not only is this quick and convenient for you, but it saves insurance companies money in administration fees; instead of having to pay someone to take you details on the end of a phone line, you are doing all of the data input. This means that many insurance companies are able to offer substantial discounts if you arrange your quad insurance online.

    4. Low Mileage = Low Insurance Premium

    The less time that you spend on your quad means, for an insurance company, that there is less time that you could be involved in an accident. This reduces the risk of you making a claim, thus insurers are able to offer you insurance premiums at a lower rate.

    Overall then, there are many steps that you can take to ensure that the cost of your quad bike insurance policy is minimised. The good news is that the majority of the tips given above are standard practice for quad owners.

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