Quad Bike Insurance

There are two different types of quad bike – those which are road legal and those which are for off-road use only. Regardless of the type, what they both have in common is that they need to be protected with quad bike insurance.

Street legal quad bikes must be insured in order to be allowed onto public roads, as with all other motor vehicles. Riders need to be insured for any damage that they may cause to other vehicles in an accident as a minimum (TPO), and most quad bike insurers will offer this level of cover.

Off-road quad bikes or ATV’s need to be insured also. The main risk here is of damage, fire or theft and insuring against these occurrences guarantees peace of mind.

Quad bike and ATV insurance policies are often unique as they are tailored to you and how you use your quad. However, there are some aspects of cover which are common throughout most policies as they are viewed by many as essential:

  • Theft Cover – It is an unfortunate fact that over £5m worth of quad bikes gets stolen each year, and many not recovered. Therefore, theft cover is essential if you do not want to be out of pocket should the worst happen to your quad or ATV.
  • Fire Cover – Whether it be a house fire, or a fire caused by the quad or ATV itself, there is a risk of it happening at some point. Therefore, it is better to be covered so that repairs can be paid for or a replacement quad purchased.

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) insurance is one of the most common types available to cover your quad bike, however you can buy Third Party Only (TPO) and this is a way to take out cheap quad insurance.