High Risk Riders

Insurance companies quote the price of insurance policies based on the risk involved in insuring the vehicle and the rider or riders. This is why many convicted or young riders can find it difficult to find reasonably priced quad bike insurance.

Convicted Rider Quad Bike Insurance

Riders with previous motoring convictions are classed as a high risk by the majority of insurance companies. This is because if you have a poor driving record or points on your license they may consider you to be more of a danger or have more chance of re-offending than drivers whose license is clean.

Convicted rider quad bike insurance is particularly hard to come by as quad bikes are often considered a risky vehicle, as are convicted riders. You may need to shop around for the best prices for your insurance in this instance.

Young Rider Quad Bike Insurance

In the world of insurance, experience counts for a lot. It is often assumed that older drivers are less of a risk as they are more experienced. This is also backed up by the fact that the rate of accidents for young drivers far outweighs those for older drivers. This means that unfortunately, all young drivers are forced to pay higher insurance premiums.

This is universal throughout the motor trade and includes young rider quad bike insurance. Many companies will not insure young drivers aged between 16 and 19 due to the associated high risk.

If you are a convicted or young quad bike rider and need insurance, give Falcon Insurance a call today on 0800 440 2838 for a cheap quad bike insurance quote. They specialise in providing cover for convicted and young quad bike riders.