Modified Quad Insurance

When taking out an insurance policy, the insurance company considers both the risk involved to determine the overall price. Risk factors come from both the type of quad bike and the type of rider; including modified quads, young or convicted riders. Sometimes, insuring these quads or individuals can be difficult as some companies will not accept them.

Modified Quads

Modified quad bikes come in many shapes and sizes, from having enlarged monster tyres to super-fast engines; and this is why they are often not accepted with insurance companies. Changing the original design of the quads to make them faster or able to tackle more rugged terrain means that they risk of having an accident is increased.

Similarly, many quad bikes are modified for aesthetic purposes; made to look like a car or an animal for example. This is often done with the intention of taking them to rallies and shows to present to other quad bike mod enthusiasts. However, the fact that they are modified and unique makes them more attractive to thieves, again increasing the risk.

The increased risk often makes modified quad insurance more expensive than traditional quad bike insurance. However, there is often a large variation in quoted prices from different companies as some consider modified quads a bigger risk than others.

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