Quad Bike Quotes

As with all types of insurance, quotes for quad bike insurance can vary greatly between companies. This is due to a number of factors and is often dependent on the individual company policy e.g. one insurer may consider younger drivers a higher risk than convicted drivers, whilst another may consider the opposite meaning that a quote for the same person on the same quad will differ. There are however steps that you can take to bring down the cost of your quad insurance universally:

  • Invest in Security – Ensuring that you have a ground anchor, chain or lock on your quad bike whilst it is not in use will reduce your insurance premium the chance of theft is reduced
  • If you have a garage, store your quad in it when not in use; again, this will make it more difficult to steal
  • Mileage – The lower the mileage, the cheaper the insurance. This is because using the quad occasionally limits the amount of time in which an accident could occur.

If you have a quad bike or ATV and need to insure it, do not hesitate. Obtaining a quad bike insurance quote is quick and simple, just click the button…